What We Do

Wisepon Capital Investments specializes in roofing and water proofing

New Roof Installation & Maintenance

Asphalt roofing, Sheet roofing

Metal Roof

Restoration using various paint coatings

Concrete and clay roof tiles installation

Asphalt roofing, Sheet roofing

Water proofing
Roof Abrasion

Roof abrasion resistance enhancements through the application of specialized industrail polymer roof coatings and Acyl Naphthyl Polycarbonate Resins

Small Drainage System

Small scale strom water draining system maintainance, repairs and upgrades

Siphonic Roof Drainage System

Siphonic roof drainage system installations and repairs for flat roof decks

Traditional Roof Drainage System

Traditional roof drainage systems repairs, modification, maintainance and upgrading to Siphonic drainage system.

Modification, repairs and clog clearing of all standard downpipes
Gutters Repairs

Cleaning, restoration and new installations

Ceiling Maintenance

Repainting, repairs and refresh installations of all types including suspended/drop ceilings, ceiling tiles, tongue and groove ceiling planks and dry wall ceilings

Roof Thermal

Installation & energy saving

Civil Works
Sewer Drains & storm water drainage
Building Construction & Maintenance

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